Ayn, inch’ asats’ yev inch’ tonov asats’ na, karogh er asel miayn iskakan ahabekich’y, bayts’ voch’ yerbek’ ir hoghn u jury t’shnamuts’ pashtpanats mardy

TV presenter Alexander Sayadyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“BalasanyanVital has crossed all the permissible and inadmissible limits.

What he said and what he said could only be said by a true terrorist, but never by a man who defended his land and water from the enemy.

If we do not follow the reaction and assessment of the Artsakh authorities and Bako Sahakyan personally, we can assume that they support this position as well.

Or in this case, too, will the thrown rescue stick — the right to freedom of speech — be thrown into the mix?

This is not the first time that Vito, who is also a general, reserves the right to voice threats against the Armenian authorities and Armenians, and it is high time that his former colleagues, today’s generals, express their views on this «general» behavior. .

Also, those who make people’s eyes on this «general» fight and patriotic, forgetting that this is not an advantage, but that it increases the responsibility of man to the country and the people. Generals, honor officers, it’s time for you to speak.

Or are you defending your veto?
Are you going to prosecute a criminal case, or is it more dangerous for the boys to throw eggs on the wall?

Just do not say that he is a citizen of Artsakh. Artsakh is Armenia too and there is definitely a passport in the pocket of the Armenian citizen …
Are we waiting for the prosecution, generals? ”

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