Anzhela Sargsyann ays angam lriv ch’ap’n ants’av, na iren aynk’an zhamanakakits’ u krt’vats e hamarum, vor tsaghrum e aylots’ havatk’n u srbateghin

Actress Angela Sargsyan has been living in the US for a long time. She is active on social networks and often posts photos.

She travels with her daughter to beautiful and sightseeing places in the US. He shares impressions with his followers. This time the actress and her daughter visited the world-famous Indian Temple in Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Los Angeles.

But this time, his followers and users were very angry with his statement:

«I want to understand how educated people can be in this century,» says Angela, and perhaps shame on her.

Angela, visiting there as a mere tourist and not understanding the meaning of the temple, simply insults and retreats to those who hold that religion.

Both her followers and her users are outraged by the fact that the actress considers herself so educated that she allows herself to be expressed in the faith of others.

And if he had been truly educated, he would have known the peculiarities of different religions and the fact that one is free to choose one’s religion and no matter what education he has.

Is anyone entitled to ridicule or underestimate the faith of another people?

This is unforgivable.

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