«Davit’ Tonoyany gitakts’um e, vor mer sahmanin aysor Manvel Grigoryani pes mardik yen petk’» Nazik Amiryan

The Minister of Defense is well aware that today people like Manvel Grigoryan need our border. This was said by General Manvel Grigoryan’s wife Nazik Amiryan, referring to David Tonoyan’s recent statement on Grigoryan’s health.

«David Tonoyan knows Manvel Grigoryan very well, he knows his merits, that’s why a normal person can not worry today. Davit Tonoyan is the Minister of Defense and he realizes that people like Manvel Grigoryan need our border today, ”Amiryan said.

Asked if Tonoyan had ever visited Grigoryan during this time, Amiryan gave a negative answer.

Let us remind that recently Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan told reporters that he was concerned about General Manvel Grigoryan’s status.

Earlier, we reported that on June 6, Manvel Grigoryan was taken to St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center and in the Nairi Medical Center days later. He was assigned a complex forensic medical examination. Grigoryan’s defenders are alarmed that his condition is deteriorating.

The case against the general and his wife is currently being tried in court.

Grigoryan is charged with six counts of possessing illegal weapons, possessing more than 101 million drams, evading more than 1 billion drams in taxes, wasting more than 1 billion drams in state funds and extorting 37 million drams in extortion.

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