«Ka՛ng arr Vitali Balasanyan, ka՛ng arr, herosits’ u generalits’ depi voch’inch’ mi k’ayl e…». Sash Katvalyan

Sash Katalyan posted a post on his Facebook page saying:

Vitaly Balasanyan’s song is a step from the hero and the general to nothing, and you do it. Where was the character of that hero and boy, when the families of many boys who were killed and disabled in the Artsakh war were longing for bread, and your fellow generals were accumulating wealth and millions, where was your time to say: «Boys, let’s eat enough, let’s take over the families of these guys.»

The disaster zone remained a disaster zone for 30 years during your friendly typhoon because your friends ate the money that needed to be restored to Spitak, Gyumri and Artik, and you were silent at that time. The image of Fran Vergo and Zenov Ohan was more characteristic of your typhoon because the one talking in the middle was a pathos alone, not a job. Let me just say one thing, there are many David and Mher beside the Prime Minister whose native land has never trembled and fled.

Don’t forget that your close friend Serge Sargsyan was silent when he declared that Aghdam was an Azerbaijani territory and would one day return it. You know all this, you just realize that the “cataclysm” of justice is on the horizon and is slowly approaching your homes, so you have come into this picture. It is a pity that one of the heroes of the Artsakh war failed to maintain her heroic image, I am sorry that you put your generic straps aside and went into politics that was not your place.

PS It would be good to go to Yerablur, rotate next to the boys’ tombs, sit and think for a while, I’m sure it will help you recover.

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