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When in April a helicopter struck a Czech woman, who had a severe stroke, she was rushed to hospital, her chances of living were not high, and her 15-week-old fetus was little more.

However, by caesarean section a healthy girl was born, weighing 2.13 kg and 42 cm in height. His mother was dead at birth.

The baby spent 117 days in the hurry of her dead mother. The process, which was fraught with potential complications, is considered a record-breaking deadline for a long-term pregnancy.

The mother was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, after which doctors immediately began a fight to save the baby.

They artificially preserved the life of a 27-year-old woman whose brain was dead.

In the 34th week of her pregnancy, her husband and other family members switched off her mother’s life support system and gave her the opportunity to die.

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