««Ch’at’lakhneri» ts’uts’aky derr bats’ e»․ Marina Poghosyan

Robert Kocharyan’s supporters issued a statement under which 36 public and political figures signed. That statement spoke of pressure on the courts, unconstitutional action.

Was this statement a surprise or was it a kind of self-justification? To the question of «First News» Welles Human Rights NGO President Marina Poghosyan answered: «To be honest, this is the least I care about right now because I don’t want to touch on the actions of a person who is, in fact, sick. Perhaps this is all due to his illness.

Unfortunately, many people today are self-effacing. I don’t take that step seriously either. We live in such a small country that we know very well who we are and what we breathe. «

They also called for consolidation on the real agenda, noting that the two Armenian states are in danger unless we sober up. Why do these political forces link Kocharyan’s case to the very issue of security? When asked by First News, Marina Poghosyan answered: “I don’t even take them seriously. So you have to ask them.

I do not listen to such politicians or organizations, read their statements, nor do I want to spend my time. They have no right to speak on behalf of the two states; people who signed under the document supporting the man who seized power. «

Details in the video

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