K’imy p’aylum e, bayts’ nra khnamvats yev mshakvats geghets’kut’yan tak lurj arroghjakan khndirner yen t’ak’nvats․ K’ardashyani mot akhtoroshvel e anbuzheli hivandut’yun

Journalist Ani Kochar wrote on her Facebook page:

“Kim is shining, but under her well-cared for and cultivated beauty there are serious health issues.

American reality show star Kim Kardashian has been diagnosed with an incurable disease.

This was reported by the Daily Mail. In a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show, Kim talks about her problems.

The star has long complained of chronic fatigue, numbness of the hands and swelling of the joints.

According to the star, once in the morning his hands were so numb that he couldn’t lift his toothbrush. After that, Kim turned to the doctors and performed tests.

Doctors have diagnosed two incurable diseases: red wolf and rheumatoid arthritis.

Whatever I want to say, despite all its problems, the man works lawfully, steals no one’s money, lays beneath no one’s money, and no one’s butt goes for a couple of pennies. He who is holy and innocent, let him throw the first stone.

You may disagree or disagree with its type, but how many evil and insidious comments can you write? Have someone make you and your spouses homvideo, your bottom will like it so much.

PS I am not a fan of Kim at all, nor a lifelong advocate of her family, but well, I was different. let the innocent and the saints throw stones. «

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