«Sa k’ez verjin zgushats’umn e…»

I’m not saying hello because they say hello to worthy people and worthy children.

This is your last warning to stay away from the Armenian people, Armenia, Artsakh, and not even try to hang on to Nikol’s gargoyle.

Just having a few shots in uniform or being on the battlefield doesn’t mean you have to be a hero. Recognize that sex is vicious and vanish so that a whole bunch of rescuers or battalions will come and find you.

You have become so over threatening our Prime Minister, huh? here’s tired water, worms coming out of exhaustion. You’ve read in your life an epic, yes a torrent. Listen to what I say to you, boy, you will be thrown into the political arena and become a political corpse you cannot imagine.

Your place or Bacuna or Prison: From deceiving Lushegh Khandoyan and Trees to laying down their weapons, they will not take you, and give the boys an oven … B. sickness and liberty died prematurely, at your fault.

Because there are some grazers that do not differentiate heroes from the heroes and call her a hero as a hero, they are a miscarriage.

In short, the language of retraining and clearing the air from Armenia and Artsakh.

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