«Yes k’ez kyank’um mit’e՞ khangarel yem»․ mankatany aprogh p’vok’riki banasteghtsut’yuny nvirvats mory

The poem of a 10 year old boy about how his mother left him in the orphanage.

When I first read it, I was very impressed — many people dream of having a baby but can’t, many have, but their child’s fate doesn’t care, I don’t know why. Many today do not have the right to be called mothers….

Have I disturbed you in your life?
I didn’t want it to be that way
As a stranger to you, I didn’t know it

Mother, forgive me for not being your beloved
I’m not like that either
I hate it from the first second
And I’m a stranger in this world.

Mom, I don’t see anything bad in you
I’m homeless, but I love you
And I’m from you, Mom
I want our home with you.

Mother, forgive me that I was born
Mom forgive me for ruining your life
Mother, you are not at all guilty
Mom, I’m tired of living without you.

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